Friday, 12 March 2010

Latest on sis672 driver

I have been running the 2d sis67x linux driver at 1360x768 for awhile now, and it appears to be stable.

I have been receiving a lot of requests to provide the driver & src code, so I am uploading them to the following location (available by end of today!):

It should be noted that the driver was specifically changed to support ASUS X5DC Laptop with 1360x768 resolution....although it may work with others (I can't confirm that!) - but would be happy to here from users that get it running ok. 

I have included a copy of my xorg.conf file that shows you the options set on my ASUS X5DC.

if thoses that require instructions on how to install the 64-bit binary you need to :

tar xjf Asusx5dc-ubuntu910-sis671-64bit.tar.bz2

then copy the files ( , sis671_drv.lai , to /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers

modify/create new  /etc/X11/xorg.conf file & restart X. 

NOTE: I haven't had a chance to modify the driver to read EDID from file, but to be looks a bit like a non-runner because the EDID information is incorrect anyway.    I am going to look at creating an option in the sis driver  to override the EDID information for special cases (when I get time!)


  1. Hi Terry,

    Why not tar.gz or tar.bz2?

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  3. I have uploaded the src again, 64-bit compiled binary and a 32-Bit Compiled Binary(Kindly supplied by David Richfield). Many Thanks David!

  4. Hi Terry. Thank you (and David) very much. I installed the 32bit version of the driver and now the resolution is finally a decent one. Let me know if there is someway i can help you with some feedback.

  5. Any instructions for installing this? I've looked at the readme and it doesn't seem to support my chipset (sis671/771) despite the sis671 in the name. Or is the readme just out of date. By the way, what format is the readme file in? Tried to open it in gedit and get a bunch of weird characters.

  6. I assume your talking about the Src code. I didn't look at the readme file to be honest. the readme must be out of date...the 64-bit and 32-bit binaries are supplied on the link (in the blog)....if you want to compile yourself then you will need to run:

    ./ --prefix=/usr
    make install

    you then need to edit or create /etc/xorg.conf to configure the driver. I have attached an example one on the website to download.

    I hope that helps!



  7. Hi,

    it would be GREAT if you integrate your work with the work done here:

    That will make your drivers work with Ubuntu 10.04 and the lastest Xorg.


  8. I hope you'll update the drivers for 10.04. I can't get it compiled and those in binaries won't work for me. Hope to hear soon from you some good news. :)

  9. hi, are you still using your X5 DC? I have 12.04 on mine and I cant find a driver to make it 'go'
    Can you help?